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Transport and Resources

Transport is an important issue to address as it producers large amounts of carbon emissions and also contributes to poor air quality.

The earth's resources are being used at alarming rates and action to deal with this is vital.

Support is needed for Public transport and Cycling and Walking to achieve clean and active travel.Our streets need to be safer and

designed for people to cycle and walk, the use of the car reduced and the air fit to breathe.Aviation and shipping also need addressing.

The circular economy shows how we should recycle, reuse and repair.Our level of consumption must be reduced and local produce should be supported.

We must deal with waste including single use plastic, incineration is one option and can produce energy but we do not need to make the mountains of waste in the first place.Industry needs to increase recycling and energy efficiency.

Further information

Books -  Mobility by Prof.John Whitlegg

              Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

Groups - Campaign for Better Transport, 20's Plenty, Sustrans

               Better Shrewsbury Transport

               Shropshire against pointless plastic

               Shrewsbury FOE Green Guide

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