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Land and Water

Protection and sustainable use of Land and Water will ensure that we tackle the Biodiversity crisis.

Fresh water in our rivers and lakes needs protection from pollution and human sanitation is an important tissue.

Flooding is another issue we need to address.

Our oceans are under increasing pressure form overfishing and pollution.Climate change is cauisng ice melt at the poles and sea levels are rising.The sea temperatures and aciidity are aslo rising which affect the coral reefs.Action now is vital..

Our forests are under threat and our soils are turning into dust bowls.Our cities are expanding and nature is competing for space.

We need to plant trees and include green spaces in our developments.Nature reserves need protection.

HOPE is healing our planet earth, with a respect for nature.

Futher information

Book - What has Nature ever done for us? by Tony Juniper

Groups - Shropshire Wildlife Trust

               Environment Agency

               English Nature


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