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Food and Health

Food security is a vital issue and organic local produce needs supporting.

Our farming industry nedds to be sustainable and nature given space.We need the bees and other pollinators.

Our soils need to be looked after for future harvests.

Our diets can be of low impact with less meat and dairy, or vegan.

Food waste levels must be reduced and food shared across the globe.

Our health and well being is an important issue for a sustainable future.

Human society needs clean air and water, resilient communties that support everyone.and green spaces for nature.

A sustainable future can be acheived by implementing a Green New Deal.

Furhter information

Book - The World we made by Jonathan Porritt

Groups   Shropshire good food | Shropshire Good Food Partnership 


               Shrewsbury Food hub

               Shropshire Voluntary and Community Sector assembly

               Shropshire Rural Community charity

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