Green Shropshire Xchange

Welcome to Green Shropshire Xchange.

This website is a resource for every individual, group and organisation working for transition to a sustainable future for the people of Shropshire. It also provides a showcase to promote and celebrate all the sustainable initiatives taking place in the county and a composite picture of this work.

Our philosophy is that we can only achieve the pace and scale of change necessary by putting our heads together, pooling our ideas and resources and restructuring our individual goals.

We are an inclusive network: voluntary, community, social enterprise, parish / town / county council, private sector businesses and organisations.

The world as we know it is changing very rapidly. These changes present unprecedented opportunities for the regeneration of thriving and resilient communities and the enrichment of individual lives. There is now almost universal agreement that ‘business as usual’ will drive the world to destruction.

We urgently need to implement long-term solutions to the major challenges facing every society:

Carbon emissions driving climate change

Rapid depletion of natural resources

The destruction of life-preserving ecosystems

The inequitable distribution of wealth between nations and individuals

Implementing such rapid and fundamental change requires us to re-evaluate our culture, our basic values and our relationships – to go through a process of transition. This can be difficult; few of us cope easily or readily with change, but it’s starting to happen and GSX can help you find out about it and join in.


Electric Vehicles day

Stretton climate care Electric vehicles day 10th sept.Co-op car park 11am Tweet

Crabapple Events

Events at Crabapple, Berrington hall in August and October, see calender for details. Tweet

sustainability ,our future.

Sustainability, our future. A newsletter in reponse to the referendum result, read on our  About page under newsletters....

GSX Chair News

New Chair June 2016, Tony Green has become the new chair for GSX and thanks David Current for all his hard work over the past four years.The...

Shrewsbury Climate action group

Divest from fossil fuels meeting , Hobbs room Shrewsbury library, thurs 30th June 8pm. Tweet

Shrewsbury Repair cafe and Food hub meeting

The repair cafe is being held on 18th June and the Hub meets on 15th June, see the events page for details. Tweet