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Green Shropshire Xchange

Electric Vehicles

Public consultation on developing a strategy to deliver an electric vehicle charging network across Herefordshire, Shropshire, and Telford & Wrekin

(Update Winter 2018/19)

The consultation has now closed but comments are still welcome, addressed to roberttc.saunders@talktalk.net

Thank you to all who took an interest.

The next steps include finalising the strategy and action plan for availability from this site.  In the meantime a bid was submitted for LEADER funding with a decision awaited.  A proposed group tender for the installation of charging points at various business locations which have significant on-site staff car parking is to be considered by BESST (Business Environmental Support Scheme for Telford).  A potential charging point at a hostelry in Telford & Wrekin is being pursued. 

In the meantime Telford & Wrekin Council has consulted on and finalised its ULEV (Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle) strategy - see http://apps.telford.gov.uk/CouncilAndDemocracy/Meetings/Meeting/MTYyMw==   (item 7.0 on Cabinet agenda 13 September 2018).

Contact Robert by e-mail if you cannot otherwise locate a copy.  Shropshire Council has been reported (Shropshire Star, 16 July 2018) as having ‘Ambitious plans to bring electric vehicle charging points to Shropshire Council car park sites.’  We await changes on the ground.

See https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/transport/2018/07/16/electric-charging-points-set-for-shropshire-council-car-parks/

As regards the response to the consultation, in summary, there were some 19 no. responses, including 7 no. parish councils and several organisations including Sustainable Bridgnorth and Lightfoot Enterprises.  There was a response from Caplor Energy, an innovative energy business in Herefordshire.  The parishes included Bayston Hill, Chetwynd Aston & Woodcote, Donnington and Muxton, Fownhope, Great Dawley, Little Wenlock, and Selattyn and Gobowen.

All supported the intention of the strategy and its content with no negative comments.  Some 10 no. are EV owners or users.  One responder is a Senior Energy Analyst at the National Grid.  Four responses were from Herefordshire, five from Shropshire and five from Telford & Wrekin.

Within our limited resources we shall work towards delivering on the ambitions of our strategy, bringing about a ‘widespread, reliable network of charging points that provides reasonable choice to drivers in charging their vehicles across the Marches at a fair price with minimal inconvenience and supported by local amenities.’  We will actively seek out partners who can enhance our effectiveness.

Robert will progressively follow up the interest shown by the respondees, having already responded to them all directly.

Further progress will be reported on this website

(Summer 2018 update)

Green Shropshire Xchange is hosting this public consultation to seek wider consideration of the draft strategy and action plan.  You are invited to access the various documents and comment accordingly to suggest changes to the text, share your own ideas, offer help or even possibly to host a new charging point.  The closing date for responses is 5.00pm, Monday 17 September 2018 to enable as many individuals, organisations, businesses, town and parish councils to respond.

A brief questionnaire is included to provide readers with a simple format to respond to the consultation.  You are welcome to respond at greater length if you so wish.

The executive summary (available below) provides in summary form an outline of the full draft strategy and action plan (available below).  Comments are welcome directly on these documents but also in the questionnaire which is provided separately (available below).  An appendix is also provided which provides more background information (available below).  If you would like a Word version of the relevant documents do please e-mail Robert Saunders on roberttc.saunders@talktalk.net

You are also invited in the questionnaire to become further involved in the pursuit of achieving the network across the Marches, if you so wish. 

This initiative arose from a realisation that the existing ‘network’ of electric vehicle charging points in the Marches area is both low in number and limited in its geographical coverage with no-one having any strategy nor funding to develop a strategic network.

There is a little piecemeal activity but no coherent approach nor co-ordination so the challenge is to develop such a strategy and action plan.

The aspiration is to work towards both widening and deepening the existing ‘network’ which is increasingly important in light of the government's announcement last year of an end to the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040. 

We look forward to hearing further from you.

Responses directly to roberttc.saunders@talktalk.net or telephone 01952 253705 /  07976 697931.

For more details and how to become involved contact Robert Saunders.

(uploaded 5/7/18)

Tesla EV charging station (c) Jeff Cooper Tesla EV charging station (c) Jeff Cooper
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