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Affordable Warmth

Shropshire RCC – Affordable Warmth For All

People living in rural areas often live in larger, older properties of solid wall construction, which are more costly to heat. These homes are less likely to be connected to the mains gas grid and therefore their choice of heating is limited to more costly options such as coal, oil or LPG. As a result, Shropshire has one of the highest rates of fuel poverty in the country.

To tackle this problem, Shropshire RCC set up the ‘Affordable Warmth for All’ project. The project brings together a team of organisations and volunteers to identify and address fuel poverty in local communities.

The Affordable Warmth Forum meets every few months at The Gateway,Craven Arms to discuss issues relating to Fuel Poverty in Shropshire and shares vital information on how various projects are tackling this problem.

Please click to read minutes of the forum meetings

AWF minutes

We have a team of volunteer Affordable Warmth Champions trained to give reliable information on:

  • making your home more energy efficient,
  • budgeting for your fuel costs
  • special energy tariffs for those struggling to pay their heating bills, 
  • how to read your energy bill,
  • how to access a free home energy audit,
  • grants and loans available to fund affordable warmth and energy efficiency measures in the home
  • where to go for financial help in an emergency (eg boiler break down)

We also work with several local projects and services to ensure that people who are struggling to heat their home receive all of the help they are entitled to. This includes Food Banks, Credit Unions and specialist energy projects such as Stretton Climate Care, Home Energy Services, Marches Energy Agency and Ludlow 21. Housing Associations are also closely involved with the project.

Stretton Climate Care

Stretton Climate Care has supported the work of the Affordable Warmth Forum since its inception and their representative been responsible for compiling the “Affordable Warmth Champions “ handbook and running the Champion training sessions.



We are dedicated to helping people to make changes in the way they use energy, staying warm and saving money.  There is more need than ever for good, reliable and impartial energy efficiency information & encouragement, with evidence of rising fuel poverty and carbon emissions.We have a team of 40 volunteers across SW Shropshire and adjoining parts of Powys and Herefordshire.  Roles range from energy surveyors to board members.We offer independent, impartial and expert household energy surveys. With these we provide invaluable advice and information, helping you to prioritise actions and get the best results for your home and your budget. Only £60! Free to people in fuel poverty, if we know.Please browse our website to find out more about energy efficiency and renewable energy – what you can do and how we can help you to do it.


Shropshire RCC Fuel Buying Scheme

Joining together with neighbours to buy heating oil makes sense for everyone. Customers get a better price, oil companies can organise deliveries more efficiently, and fewer tanker journeys reduces the negative environmental impact.Shropshire RCC organises the largest bulk oil buying scheme in Shropshire and we have helped local people save many thousands of pounds since we started in September 2011.

For more information on the Affordable Warmth For All Project please visit www.shropshire-rcc.org.uk

Or call Lizzy Thain 01743 342167.

Keep Shropshire Warm

The Marches Energy Agency offers advice for heating to households.

Please contact Shropshire council or MEA for details